Underwater Geoarchaeology at a Texan ancient springs site.

Spring Lake is located near San Marcos, Texas – an area that is rich with freshwater springs that bubble up from the Edwards Aquifer. These freshwater springs data back to the last ice age. Past archaeological efforts yielded artifacts from each time period that marks the area as one of the “longest and continually inhabited locations in the United States.” Clovis points and Mastodon remains have been found in the area, including recent human remains.

Researchers from the Center For Archaeological Studies and  The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment conducted the first underwater geoarchaeology survey at Spring Lake, utilizing a sub bottom profiler along with coring sediment samples. This area was dammed over a century ago, which created an underwater archaeological preserve.

Core samples from the sediments of the lake bed will be used to gather data and peek back into paleoenvironment and cultural history of the springs.

Short video from NGEO below.

Water is Life – a 5 minute film

“Water is Life” is a 5 minute film created for the California Academy of Sciences Museum and is narrated by Julia Louis-Dreyfus. The film is presented over multiple screens at the museum to fully immerse the viewers in a 360° movie experience.

One of the creators of the film posted the video via Vimeo.  I learned through him that much of footage was shot throughout various locations in Central America.  This version is ‘split-screened’ since our homes aren’t furnished with 360° multiple screensyet. Unfortunately, there is no HD version of this museum piece. An enjoyable watch nonetheless.