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Why do fossils matter?

Why do fossils matter? In the simplest explanation, fossils are one of the strongest lines of evidence for evolution. Fossils allow us to examine the rich diversity of ancient life that lived on our planet millions and millions of years before the arrival of modern humans.  We can understand how life evolved, observe invertebrate transitions, and contribute to our tree of life, placing a magnifying glass on the evolutionary history of all Earth’s biodiversity.

I found an interesting video created by Ethan Cowgill that briefly explains why fossils matter in a cinematic storytelling manner. Ethan runs a channel on YouTube called The Living Past.  It’s always inspiring when discovering those who are positively impacted by science so much, that they must share that science seduction with the world. Thank you Ethan.

“The Most Important Words I Have Ever Spoken” – N. Tyson

Astrophysicist and popular science communicator Neil deGrasse Tyson posted a message and short video on his Facebook page today:

The video is interspersed with quick clips of news and political debates while Tyson speaks about our state of scientific literacy. In one clip, Vice President Mike Pence argues “let us demand that educators around America teach evolution not as fact, but as theory.”

Tyson’s core message revolves around the notion that when it comes time to make decisions on science or important matters that affect us all, people have lost the ability to judge what is true and what is not. Tyson calls this a “recipe for the complete dismantling of our informed democracy.”

A timely message a few days before the upcoming March of Science. Here is the video: