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DOCUMENTARY: ‘Everything is a Remix’

Is creativity magic? How do innovations truly happen? Are films a derivative of other films? Is originality dead? Is copying flattering? Is it ethical to copy, transform, and combine? Are existing laws creating patent trolls? What are some strangleholds on innovation? These are some of the questions the documentary sets out to explore.

Kirby Ferguson, creator of the four-part series ‘Everything is a Remix,’ explains his argument and theory on creativity, remix, and cultural commons – all presented to the viewer in an entertaining format complete with real-world case examples. Ferguson has even went on to host a Ted Talk: Embracing the Remix.

Ferguson released the series for free on the web. All four videos are playable below. First part is about music, the second part is about film, the third part is about technology/innovation, and part four looks at social evolution and patent law. The fourth part summarizes the idea of the series with thoughts about future innovation for mankind. This series is a mini-masterpiece.

(FYI: when each video seems to finish, hang tight, there’s a little more.)