“Stillness” – A Small Visual Journey of South Mountain Reservation NJ

“Stillness” is a 5 min HD video I created of the many nature views painted on your eyes by South Mountain Reservation, New Jersey.  I wanted to practice some nature filming and to test a few plugins with my video editor software. This area is a pretty big place and on this visit I managed to capture some footage along the Yellow Trail.

A short drive to Millburn, NJ and you are met with the colossal mound in the midst of the town that extends through the Oranges. After mere minutes of entering the Yellow Trail, you are swallowed by the reservation’s dense library of trees, shrubs, herbs, ferns, and other botany. The chatter of modern civilization begins to drown away as you step back into a land millions of years old. A region once bathed in lava flows, it is now a living geological museum. Its exhibits include cooled volcanic columnar joints and trap rocks. South Mountain Reservation is a personal favorite to recharge the mind.

I may create a small series of videos depicting different areas of South Mountain. Music is composed by Chuck Wild from Liquid Mind. Check out the rest of Liquid Mind’s albums here.



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