Melody – A Mini-documentary

“Melody” is the story of a Latina who was born in a Chilean coal mining town that had a chance encounter with a tiny makeshift orchestra where its students shared violins every 15 minutes. This encounter bloomed a lifelong career as a violinist, eventually becoming the director of a Chilean youth orchestra school. Here, Melody notices that a student, Giorgina Avila, bears a natural talent on the violin.  Remembering her roots, Melody begins to foster Giorgina’s talent, but her effort is halted when Giorgina’s parents relocate up north due to economic pressures. After many months, Melody travels up north and convinces the parents to allow Giorgina to live with her, so that she may continue her music studies.

In those 15 minutes (of playing) I felt like I was no longer the color of my city. -Melody Jerez

This is a beautiful story of gratitude, passion, and mentorship.


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