Panoramic photo of Breakneck Ridge Mountain, Cold Spring NY.

A breathtaking mini-panoramic photograph I snapped 1,100ft high on top of Breakneck Ridge Mountain, NY overlooking the Hudson River. The rocks here are older than dinosaurs and has their origins in what is called the Grenville Orogeny Event: over one billion years ago, “Africa”* collided with “New York” and “Canada,” pushing up the land into mountains which extend from northeastern America down the “Texas” region. Analogous to 2 cars crashing head on; their hoods will raise up in a crinkly-folded manner.

I did not have my wide angle lens with me, so I resorted to using my beloved Canon 70-200mm IS II 2.8 at the shortest focal length and snapped 4 photos from left to right. They were stitched in Adobe Lightroom to create the panorama photo.

*Regions are in quotation marks due to the nameless landmasses that existed at the time and to provide a frame of geographical reference.

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