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The Geology of the Dolomites

This short visual film about the geology of the beautiful Dolomites mountain range is created by Italian photographer/filmmaker Rolando Menardi. These unspoiled mountains straddle the territory of five provinces in northeastern Italy, forming part of the Southern Limestone Alps.  One of its provinces, South Tyrol,  is home to the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology, where one can visit the ancient 5,000-year-old preserved Otzi, the Iceman.

The surface of the earth is far more beautiful and far more intricate than any lifeless world. Our planet is graced by life and one quality that sets life apart is its complexity.” –Carl Sagan

The stratigraphy of the Dolomites includes Permian to Cretaceous terrains which sit on top of a Paleozoic Basement. Although the sedimentary succession ranges through these periods, the landscape is dominated by the majestic Triassic carbonates. The birth of the Dolomites can be traced back to the womb of Tethys Sea, germinating from its sediments and calcareous deposits. The Dolomites entered UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 2009.

(Bosellini et al., 2003)
(Bosellini et al., 2003)


This is a separate video below, depicting the scenic rich Dolomites from the South Tyrol province:

The Weight of Mountains – A beautiful visual on the birth & death of mountains.

Mountains. They grace the canvases of many artists. Their thundering sizes are whispered on photographs. The boots of explorers attempt to conquer them. Geologists peek into them to unlock the secrets of the past.  They are considered sacred to many religions – even as a God themselves. No matter the theme, mountains cast their shadows into the cultural imaginations. Mountains visually rise up in our minds as much as they do on our exalted landscapes.

“Mountains are the cathedrals where I practice my religion.” Mountaineer Anatoli Boukreev

The Weight of Mountains is a fantastic short film that poetically tells the story of the birth & death of mountains. They are essentially birthed by uplift and “die” through the processes of weathering physical weathering and chemical weathering. The film was created by filmmaker, illustrator, and composer Temujin Doran, who was inspired by the works of British geographer Sir Laurence Dudley Stamp. It was filmed in Iceland over the course of a year. Please enable HD and view in fullscreen 🙂